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Mother's Love Nutrition Consultancy services

Specialization and Services 

Maternal and Child Nutrition
  • Dietary assessment for preconception, pregnant moms, lactating moms, babies and children
  • Menu and dietary planning for pregnant and lactating moms
  • Step by step guide to introducing first foods

  • Baby and toddler nutrition

  • Recipe development for picky eaters

  • Supermarket tour- Healthier choices & read the nutrition label

Breastfeeding and Newborn

  • Couple or mom-to-be successful breastfeeding preparation
  • New-born breastfeeding home-visit
  • Preparation for breastfeeding moms returning to work
  • Coaching for maintenance and increasing breastmilk supply
  • Coaching for successful and extended breastfeeding
Personal Consultation

A personal consult is available for anyone who needs a customised session on maternal & child nutrition or breastfeeding. Dietary assessment will be conducted so that a customised plan can be developed for each individual. 

On-site Home-visit

This is the ideal way to get help for breastfeeding preparation, newborn breastfeeding care, weaning recipe demo or toddler picky eating intervention. 

Group Class

Gather a friend or two in a stage similar to yours and arrange for a group class or consult on the topic that you are most keen on, e.g. pre-natal breastfeeding preparation, weaning preparation or toddler diet planning.

Corporate events, group presentations or informal group discussions. E.g. Women's health talk, Weaning party bash etc..

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