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Picky Eating Can Be Prevented

Picky eating can be prevented

Do you know how to avoid nurturing a picky eater? Other than exposing baby to a good variety of foods starting from breastfeeding stage and being a good role model at mealtimes, there are a few 'No Nos':

1. Allow child to roam or play freely during mealtimes.

Baby should be sitting down and learning about mealtime.

2. Distract with media devices.

Baby should be engaged by you and the food that you have prepared for him/her. Talk to her about the meal that he/she is eating.

3. Offer 'trophy' food as reward or bribe

Don't say:'' finish this veggie and i will give you a chocolate!''

4. Give up on a new food with less than ten attempts.

Studies has showed that it may take more than 10 attempts for a baby to accept the 'new' food.

5. Force feed.

This creates a negative association with mealtime and baby will not enjoy eating.

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