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Haakaa Silicon Breast Pump Review

Welcome to our first video product review! We will roll out a series of interesting reviews on products for nutrition and breastfeeding. Starting with the Haakaa Silicon Breast Pump: a one piece portable breastmilk expression device that needs no assembling!

During my 'era', i was used to electronic pumps that is bulky, heavy and requires assembly. I heard good reviews about this product and can't wait to try it.

Key product features that i like:

- no assembly required

- portable and a bliss to bring around

- quiet

- extremely easy to use and clean

Features that are missing...

- tight & secure cover/lid

- larger capacity for high supply moms

- a customized carrier bag

Top tips:

- excellent breast milk collection device while breastfeeding

- suitable for moms with established breast milk supply.

Check out this video to see the details. Full features, what i think about it, how to use it and why it deserves a 4/5 rating.

Youtube link:

Haakaa Silicon Breast Pump

Haakaa Silicon Breast Pump suction

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